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The Benefits
It only takes a few minutes to understand how and why our service works.
You'll quickly find that MyReserver is good for everybody involved.


  • Drive traffic to your website. Because of our easy integration, players that want to reserve and their friends show up at your website not ours! We host it, but players visit your site!
  • Member Databases turned into Users. We can integrate your member sheets and databases into registered users easily! Every member sheet and database is different, but we can take that format and make it happen! Players won’t have to register; they will be emailed randomly generated passwords.
  • Everything is online 24/7 for anyone that wants to use it. You make the restrictions on who, what, where, when, how long and how much players can reserve!
  • Integrates easily and quickly into your pre-existing website. No one ever has to leave your website to make a reservation! It’s 3 lines of code and that’s it!
  • Members Only or Not. Allow non members make reservations (all users are required to register) or restrict reservation making privileges to only members. You can even ban certain users if you so wish.
  • Make events. It'll save time on the phones when players can sign up online for an event and see who else will be participating automatically.
  • Pro Schedules & Lesson Bookings. Players can book lessons with your pro depending on who is working on the day and time that they want.
  • No more paper schedules or excel sheets. However, you can print out hard copy schedules from MyReserver if you wish.
  • Real-time schedules that users can see. They can make their own reservations and cancel their own. Only staff that you authorize (pros & admins) can cancel, and make reservations on behalf of others.
  • Monitor activity from anywhere. Your staff (pros & admins) can monitor activity from any place at any time with a connection to the Internet.
  • Pros can see their schedules 24/7 from home or anywhere else with no need for a phone-call. Pros can also print out a weekly schedule of any court to know who they'll be teaching and when. Plus pros and amins can write notes about each reservation.
  • Deal with problem members. There is a ban feature, but also, there's an auto ban feature to take away the privilege of making an online reservation. Pros and admins can mark no shows and misuses easier than ever before with 2 clicks. You can even look through to see which players have had problems with easy to use search filters. There is also a suspension feature for a number of days that you set.
  • Less time handling phone-calls. The facility’s staff will spend less time handling phone-calls when users and members can make and cancel their own reservations. Pros and admins can still make reservations on behalf of members, just incase.


  • Any Reservation, anytime. MyReserver lets your players make reservations free and easy online 24/7. They can even cancel their own reservations. No phone calls, no time on your part.
  • Sign Up for Events, and see attendees. It'll save a call or two when you can just go online to sign up for an event and look at who else signed up already.
  • Players get e-mail reminders of their reservations (if they so choose). Complete with driving directions to your facility provided by Google.
  • Everyone can see the schedule in an easy to understand time table. They see what is taken and what isn’t. Easy to use filters that show them the sports or areas they want to reserve (tennis, basketball, racquetball, hockey, soccer, baseball and so on).
  • It’s simple and easy to use; find the date, click on the time table to set the start time, then another click to set the finish time, then finally ‘Make Reservation.’ Players can even make multiple reservations at once!
  • Even non users can see the reservations in the table. Playing partners look for their friend’s name on the time table to know when to attend. All without calling your facility!
  • Remember Users and players. MyReserver remembers a player (unless the player checks a box incase of a public computer). There is even a forgotten password feature.